Alcoholic beverages

We process alcoholic beverages, with or without tunnel pasteurizing, in glass and in cans, with or without CO2. We process ciders, RTDs, cocktails, spirits and beers. Thanks to the wide range of packaging formats, multipacks in foil or carton, printed and non-printed, Konings makes a difference.

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Non-alcoholic beverages

All of our non-alcoholic beverages are processed over different sites after blending or through direct filling. These beverages can be processed with or without CO2 and can be packed in glass (also returnable), cans, PET and carton. We process freshly-squeezed or from concentrate juices (100% juices, nectars or juice drinks) as well as smoothies with or without pulp and/or with pieces of fruit or oat, additionally soft drinks, energy drinks and even flavoured waters can be bottled.

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